Do You Have A System To Grow Your Online Business And Marketing Skills ?

What if you had a system that will allow you to build your primary business, while learning the Skills required to become successful online and offline. ?

A system that is easy to share and easy to use, that will give you some of the best online training and offline training needed to build your business. A system where you will meet some of the most successful marketers online and offline today, who are willing to share their information on how to build a successful business.

What if you had a system that is free to join with free training on how to grow your business?
What if that system introduced you other streams of income while you learn how to build your primary business?

Introducing a system, a Funded Proposal that does exactly that, a Coaching System, a Training and a Mentoring System all combined all under one roof. SIC your Second Hand Coach will teach you how to market and grow your online business by generating leads and sales.

SIC, Second Hand Coach is the ultimate Funded Proposal Marketing System that is designed to help you grow your business whether your are Network Marketer, an MLM Marketer , Internet Marketer or an affiliate Marketer

The Second Income Coach System will enhance your skills offline and online You must improve your marketing skills and abilities to be successful Marketer

You can however teach people skills. We all have certain skills that we grow on . People have to develop and grow for themselves. SIC helps you develop your skills A duplication of people doesn’t happen but you can improve your skills and duplicate a system. That is what exactly SIC does.

In summary SIC is a Coaching, Mentoring and Training System , A Funded Proposal, that is duplicatable and teaches you how to market your primary business

For more in formation how to market online or enhance your skills and generate traffic leads and sales subscribe to my list or click on the banner below. You can also connect with me on Facebook or contact me in Skype rwhitehorne-oldgrandpa or connect with me in gmail chat

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