Do You Own Multiple Domains ? Are There Reasons For Owning Multiple Domains ?

Is it important for an internet marketer to have multiple domain names ?

A domain name defines your presence, your piece of real estate or your location on the interent. Like an offline business you are in competition with thousands of others.  Therefore it is very important that you have a good domain name. You need a good domain name to rank high into the search engines and take advantage of free advertising. Without a good domain name you will lose traffic and sales.  It is equally important that you own a number of domains. Owning more than one domain or multiple domains related to your product, information or services has its advanatges. 

You have to realized how people search the internet for products, services and information. They type in key words in a search bar that define the product they are searching for. For instance if you were looking for a diet product you would use the word diet, weight lost,  losing weight or how to lose weight. They are key words 
Think about it for a second. Everyone on the interent looking for information are typing key words into the search engines. That makes even more important to have more than one domain with good titles and keywords. You can use Googles keyword tool to do a search for key words on your product or service that will help you with a domain name tiltle. 
Overall mutiple domains will help you generate traffic and sales. Only you can determine the number of domains but the serious marketer should have a number of domains. It really depends on your budget. A domain will cost you an average of 10 dollars per year, a good price for advertising your business to thousands of people. Multiple domains will increase your traffic to your business and create sales

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  1. Yes Randy, to start out on the Internet, you need to start with branding your name; buy a domain name that “represents” YOU, your NAME and your business and ontop of that you need hosting. It’s the best end to start in, and by time, you build up your business and your brand by sharing the knowledge you gain throughout time that you are working online.

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