How A Funded Proposal And Press Releases Will Generate Leads And Income For You

FACT — Over 90 % of the people you contact will not join your primary business. Why ? It is a Fact. Get over it.
FACT — Most people are struggling with their business. They buy leads, join traffic exchanges, safe lists, lead generation sites, advertise, spend their hard earn money and become over whelmed. Does this sound like you ?

Let me introduce you to a couple of strategies that work. Have you heard of a Funded Proposal ? I am sure you have one way or another. It is a great way to introduce your business to the 90 % of the people that did not join you in the beginning and also introduce new people.

What is a funded proposal. It is a system that will help people grow their business. generate leads and income while learning how to market effectively. There are many well planned systems that will help you with your business. You can refer people information of value that they need to be successful. In the process you are helping others, share information, ideas and value on how to market. You must have a system a funded proposal that brings something of value in return.

What a funded proposal does is provide an income that will pay any fees and advertising. It can also give you a steady stream of income to fund your primary business.

Another way to generate leads and grow your business is through Press Releases. Most think press releases are use by the news media. Yes that is true. But it has is a great way for marketers and businesses to generate leads and income

In summary a Funded Proposal and Press Releases can generate leads and income for you and grow your present business. To find out how a Funded Proposal works and how you can generate leads through writing Press Releases subscribe to my list or click on the banner below. You can also connect with me in Face book or Skype me rwhitehorne-oldgrandpa

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14 Responses to How A Funded Proposal And Press Releases Will Generate Leads And Income For You

  1. kim says:

    Oh the infamous funded proposal! I first heard this from Joe Schroeder, the creator of the funded proposal…(most would say)! ~Great post!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment. Writing press releases about your marketing business like a special event is another resource a marketer can use to generate leads

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