Do You Own Multiple Domains ? Are There Reasons For Owning Multiple Domains ?

Is it important for an internet marketer to have multiple domain names ?

A domain name defines your presence, your piece of real estate or your location on the interent. Like an offline business you are in competition with thousands of others.  Therefore it is very important that you have a good domain name. You need a good domain name to rank high into the search engines and take advantage of free advertising. Without a good domain name you will lose traffic and sales.  It is equally important that you own a number of domains. Owning more than one domain or multiple domains related to your product, information or services has its advanatges. 

You have to realized how people search the internet for products, services and information. They type in key words in a search bar that define the product they are searching for. For instance if you were looking for a diet product you would use the word diet, weight lost,  losing weight or how to lose weight. They are key words 
Think about it for a second. Everyone on the interent looking for information are typing key words into the search engines. That makes even more important to have more than one domain with good titles and keywords. You can use Googles keyword tool to do a search for key words on your product or service that will help you with a domain name tiltle. 
Overall mutiple domains will help you generate traffic and sales. Only you can determine the number of domains but the serious marketer should have a number of domains. It really depends on your budget. A domain will cost you an average of 10 dollars per year, a good price for advertising your business to thousands of people. Multiple domains will increase your traffic to your business and create sales

When buying a domain you should look at Global Virtual Opportunities . Host 4 different domains, Free blogger and Web Site builder, Top of the line professional auto responder service. Your very own video hosting. Your own GVOconference room, The best business opportunity going into Pre Launch! 
Get all the tools and training you need all under one roof with GVO 

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Frustrated, Overwhelmed, With Your Internet Business ? ?

Thanks For Viewing My Site
I am an expert article writer in Ezine Articles. I love to write. Check out some of my articles at
Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with your internet business? Are you working hard , jumping from business to business, spending your hard earn money only to end up where you started? Are you struggling ? Spinning your wheels looking to crack the code or the secret to marketing online? Most successful marketers have gone through the same stages. We all have to start somewhere.

Internet marketing does take time, effort, some investment and training. It is also a huge learning curve. Let me ask you a question. If you were to open a flower shop or a clothing store or any offline business would you not get the training before you open the store or hire someone with the training ? Internet marketing works the same way. You have to treat it as a business and learn how to market effectively. You have to learn how to build your list of clients. You have to have traffic, leads and sales Without traffic leads and sales your business would cease to exist. Make sense?

I am the member of system that teaches you how do exactly that. All you need is the will and determination to learn how to market.. Treat your Internet business like a real business, create a budget, and start applying what you learn.

First let me introduce myself. My name is Randy Whitehorne. My beautiful wife Colleen and I live in Happy Valley Goose Bay Labrador Canada. We love to promote where we live. Visit our town Colleen and I are retired and enjoy our life. We have been married for 40 years and have three young men, two of our sons work and live in Happy Valley. My other son Craig James lives in Petawawa Ontario a Master Corporal in the Canadian Military. He has been to Afganiatan twice and twice in Bosnia We love to travel, spend time snowmobiling in Labrador and at our cabin 32 K up the Trans Labrador Highway.

We love to connect with other people all over the world. To find out more about myself and Colleen connect with me on Facebook Randy Whitehorne or Skype me rwhitehorne.oldgrandpa

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http e

Connect and conference with people all over the world



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The Rising Cost Of Gas Is Having A Dramatic Effect On Business Owners

Expenses have soared through the roof making it very difficult and expensive to communicate and connect face to face with clients and personnel in other parts of the country or in other countries
The rising cost of gas is having a dramatic effect on businesses. Expenses have soared through the roof, making it very difficult and expensive to communicate and connect face to face with clients and personnel in other parts of the country or in other countries. The price of gas is hovering around the $ 1.40 L mark and some parts off Canada gas prices are at a $ 1.45 L . In a lot of cases companies have increased delivery charges and other costs dramatically. For
companies with clients in remote areas the challenge has become increasing costly and travel claims are increasing high. This is very troublesome for the small business that cannot afford unnecessary business expenses. Companies are trying to reduce travelling costs and in some cases cutting back on employee’s
expense claims. Companies are looking for alternatives, cutting back on staff, communication, travel expenses and meetings and on a number of cases are turning towards web conferencing. Although some companies are hesitant to get involved in web conference it is becoming increasing popular.
Conferencing online can be very cost efficient. It can reduce travel expenses to a minium. It also a great way for commission sales people to communicate with clients and prospects, save on airfare, hotel,
conventions and rental accomendations, etc. etc. Just imagine communicating face to face with clients and prospects directly from your home or office. Just imagine sharing ideas and presentations with hundreds of clients and prospects throughout the country or in other countries. Now you can have a your conference room where you can have complete control, share your ideas, share images, desktop sharing, share videos and face to face presentations with your customers and prospects. You can invite others and have your own
online convention. Just imagine the savings of having your own virtual office and an online convention working directly from your home or office with very little expense.

In summary Conferencing online can be very inexpensive saving you time money and travel expenses If you are looking for ways to save on your expenses and increase your sales productively Conferencing
online will be a great benefit to you.
Internet Marketing specialist , social network, blogger and expert article writer

Connect with me on Skype or in Facebook. Let’s talk.
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Join For Free And Get Paid To Advertise Your Business

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Exceptional Business Opportunity

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This is geat opportunity to partner with me and a team of top marketers who will show you exactly how to get massive results online and offline and build a powerful income that will come in month after month after month! This particular business opportunity is exceptional. If you are looking for a main business this could be the one.

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Browse the site and you will quickly understand why you deserve to be part of this incredible educational community, that is vastly becoming the choice of entrepreneurs world wide.

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Why GVO Conferencing ?

Affiliate marketing: is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

GVO conference gives you the opportunity to earn commissions on any paid client you bring in, to use our services. We allow our affiliates to achieve the highest levels of payments very quickly!

To become an affiliate with GVO conference you must maintain a paid account with GVO conference. You must also register within your back office of your paid account to become an active affiliate.


We pay residual commission for each new paid customer (we pay you for as long as your sale stays a client of ours). We also pay you residual income on the performance of other affiliates that you refer to our program!

We offer the best turnkey marketing platform in the industry.

We offer any monthly marketing tools updates.

100’s of banners.

Affiliate linked Landing pages/web site. (All hosted by us in our privately owned data center)

Mailing inviter and follow up system. (All hosted by us in our privately owned data center)

Promotional videos. (All hosted by us in our privately owned data center).

It is a fast and brilliant way to get started marketing this great product and service immediately!
We have made it highly profitable, fun and very e

GVO conference is a dynamic and powerful conferencing provider. Our unbeatable Price point has made it affordable for any country in the world with an Internet connection.

It is no longer a service for deep pockets and large companies. We have made it affordable for everyone.

Many other conferencing providers charge huge dollars because a third party exists. A third party meaning that the conferencing provider may not own such things as:

Lines of code – Hardware – Servers – Fiber optics – Location (such as a data center)

All of these if they require a third party will cost you more for your conferencing solution. The conference provider must recover the cost so they put the added cost onto you the consumers.

Here at GVO conference we own everything including the data center. There is absolutely no middle man or third party with our company.

It is simply us and our consumers. We take our third party saving and put them directly onto you, our consumers.

We have been providing conferencing solutions for over 8 years. Nowhere in the conferencing arena will you find everything that we offer for such a low monthly fee.

Get a free 7day trial account of,
just fill in the form below and you will be instantly redirected to your trial software

Conferencing has never been made so easy – Start conferencing within minutes!
Present-Demonstrate-Train-Support-Broadcast all from one virtual location anywhere in the world!
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Branding You And Your Presence On The Internet With The Right Tools

The most important thing to do on the Internet is to create a presence by branding yourself. It is all about your name, your reputation and business presence online called branding. You may say how can I do that ? What is branding ? What tools ?

You need free web hosting, a domain name , a word press blog, videos and an auto responder.You also need training. You have to build your list of prospects and brand yourself. All at an affordable cost.

GVO has all the tools you need to to build your online business whether you are new to Internet marketing or you have an existing business. GVO will benefit you.

GVO has it all Web Hosting, unlimited domain names, a professional auto responder, easy video producer to create your videos, a ten seat conference room, training on how to create and install word press blogs Training conferences five days a week. All at an affordable price.

Join us today 30 Free day trial. You will see how GVO will benefit you
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Randy Whitehorne

Global Virtual Opportunity Announces A Huge Contest

Our Profile on PRLog

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How A Funded Proposal And Press Releases Will Generate Leads And Income For You

FACT — Over 90 % of the people you contact will not join your primary business. Why ? It is a Fact. Get over it.
FACT — Most people are struggling with their business. They buy leads, join traffic exchanges, safe lists, lead generation sites, advertise, spend their hard earn money and become over whelmed. Does this sound like you ?

Let me introduce you to a couple of strategies that work. Have you heard of a Funded Proposal ? I am sure you have one way or another. It is a great way to introduce your business to the 90 % of the people that did not join you in the beginning and also introduce new people.

What is a funded proposal. It is a system that will help people grow their business. generate leads and income while learning how to market effectively. There are many well planned systems that will help you with your business. You can refer people information of value that they need to be successful. In the process you are helping others, share information, ideas and value on how to market. You must have a system a funded proposal that brings something of value in return.

What a funded proposal does is provide an income that will pay any fees and advertising. It can also give you a steady stream of income to fund your primary business.

Another way to generate leads and grow your business is through Press Releases. Most think press releases are use by the news media. Yes that is true. But it has is a great way for marketers and businesses to generate leads and income

In summary a Funded Proposal and Press Releases can generate leads and income for you and grow your present business. To find out how a Funded Proposal works and how you can generate leads through writing Press Releases subscribe to my list or click on the banner below. You can also connect with me in Face book or Skype me rwhitehorne-oldgrandpa

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An Online Business, A Funded Proposal That Will Help You Grow Your Online Business Opportunity.

Welcome to my online business a funded proposal that will help you grow your online business opportunity. If you are looking for an online business without the pressure and the hype about the making money online this could be for you. A proven system that will help you build your online business

A funded proposal system that will generate traffic, sales and income for you. A business with a track record where you can make a decent income. A legitimate business that is free to start with free training on how to build your present or primary business.

A business you can be proud off and can introduce to people and help them build their business to generate income and sales

If you have been burned by the get rich schemes or taken by the hype about making money online look no further this business may be for you.

A business that will provide all the training you need to be successful online. Here is what you get

1 Training by some of the best marketers online today
2 An introduction to a number of streams of income
3 Word press blog training
4 How to use traffic exchanges and safe lists
5 How to use an autoresponder
6 Motivational meetings and training
7 Search Engine Optimization
8 How to use key word tools
9 Social Network training
10 Proven Strategies that work
11 Online conferencing
12 Training groups with team leaders and members

Are you looking for ways to grow your business ? Looking for a great way to make an income ? Been burned by the get rich schemes? Struggling with your business ?Confused by all the information presented to you ? Overwhelmed ? Looked no further. We can help you with the latest marketing trends, tips and techniques.

Look no further. To get all the training you need ( A complete package all under one roof ) to build an online business join me and the team. Subscribe to my list or click on the banner below

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Are you Marketing With Videos ?

Are you Marketing With Videos ?
Marketing with videos has become one of the most popular methods used on the internet today. It is convenient and affortable. It is a great way to capture your audience attention and build know like and trust.( KLT ) It is not necessary to buy expensive programs or advertising. The marketer can create a video and upload to a web site, a blog, you tube, social marketing sites and video sharing web sites. A video can reach out to people all over the world.

Creating a video and uploading to you tube will enable you to reach out to thousands of vistors. Millions of vistors visit you tube on a daily basis and is one off the most visited sites on the internet today. Just realize the marketing potential. If you need to know how to make something work or just looking for information on a product such as web hosting or just information there is a video on you tube.You can also upload to tubemogul which sents your video out to the search engines. Then there is your web site or blog where you can upload a video and text content with keywords to rank high in the search engines. The potential is unlimited for a good video to reach millions.

There are a lot of tutorials and video softwares that help you create videos. You have to be careful. There are fake video software programs, much like in the music business. People sell video software they have no rights to. There are some popular softwares that will help you and there is also a number of experts in the field. Then are the softwares that will automaticlly turn your articles into videos. Usually those type of software are promoted by affiliate marketers. You can take an article and upload a video within a few minutes once you learn how with those types of software. They can save time and money because they are usually very inexpensive.
With easy video producer you can do video with a web cam with six clicks of your mouse and upload to youtube.

This type of marketing is very effective if implemented properly and ranks high in the search engines. Most internet surfers watch videos online. Successful internet marketers use video when promoting their product because it is very effective.

Video marketing is the most effective internet marketing online strategy today if implemented

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Do You Have A System To Grow Your Online Business And Marketing Skills ?

What if you had a system that will allow you to build your primary business, while learning the Skills required to become successful online and offline. ?

A system that is easy to share and easy to use, that will give you some of the best online training and offline training needed to build your business. A system where you will meet some of the most successful marketers online and offline today, who are willing to share their information on how to build a successful business.

What if you had a system that is free to join with free training on how to grow your business?
What if that system introduced you other streams of income while you learn how to build your primary business?

Introducing a system, a Funded Proposal that does exactly that, a Coaching System, a Training and a Mentoring System all combined all under one roof. SIC your Second Hand Coach will teach you how to market and grow your online business by generating leads and sales.

SIC, Second Hand Coach is the ultimate Funded Proposal Marketing System that is designed to help you grow your business whether your are Network Marketer, an MLM Marketer , Internet Marketer or an affiliate Marketer

The Second Income Coach System will enhance your skills offline and online You must improve your marketing skills and abilities to be successful Marketer

You can however teach people skills. We all have certain skills that we grow on . People have to develop and grow for themselves. SIC helps you develop your skills A duplication of people doesn’t happen but you can improve your skills and duplicate a system. That is what exactly SIC does.

In summary SIC is a Coaching, Mentoring and Training System , A Funded Proposal, that is duplicatable and teaches you how to market your primary business

For more in formation how to market online or enhance your skills and generate traffic leads and sales subscribe to my list or click on the banner below. You can also connect with me on Facebook or contact me in Skype rwhitehorne-oldgrandpa or connect with me in gmail chat

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What Do Successful Marketers Have In Common ?

Not everyone in the internet marketing business or in the network marketing business is the same but they have a number of things in common.

What are the common interests of successful marketers?

Most successful marketers share personality and characteristic traits that may not be present with the unsuccessful marketer. Some of those personality characteristics are presented below.

All marketers are self motivated. What motivates one may be different from the others. How motivated a marketer will depend on what his goals are and the amount of dedication order cialis he or she possesses. Successful marketers are very goal orientated and highly self motivated.

The successful marketer is an action taker, a go-getter. They believe in taking action and getting things done. A good example if a go-getter needs a web site or blog, he or she will take action, train themselves on how to create their own site and will build a site according to their wishes. An action taker also knows his limitations and strengths and the discipline needed to work with those strengths.

Successful marketers are creative thinkers. They have ideas and skills. They are inspired by others and put ideas in place. They solved problems instead of worrying and will research for ideas to solve a problem.

Another common trait of a successful marketer is self discipline. and self control. They do not need someone to watch over them or give them instructions. They have the discipline and determination to get things done on their own. They determine what needs to be done and do it.

As a network marketer or an internet marketer you should be adaptable. You will be working as a marketer, promoter, public relations, web master, expert blogger, advisor coach and trainer etc etc. There will be many situations where you will have to adapt to complete many tasks.

As we know, it takes time to create a successful business. As a network marketer you should be eager to go the additional mile and invest the time and effort that is required to develop a successful business enterprise.

Do you have what it takes to be leader? Do you have the personality traits and characteristics to become successful online? How are you doing with your business?

What services are you using online to help you grow your business? Are you a member of any social sites or any other marketing sites? Do you use any kind of “funded” system to generate leads for your business? I have found a great way to increase YOUR income while creating good solid leads.

I am involved with a group of people who work as team with all the training and information you need to be successful online. It is a free system that is really working well for me and can work for you. May I introduce you to the system? I believe it can help you generate more leads for your business.

You can connect with me in Facebook Randy Whitehorne or in Skype rwhitehorne-oldgrandpa or subscribe to my list and I will sent you the information to help you build your successful business

I look forward to chatting more about how you market your business here online

Have a great day,

Randy Whitehorne

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